Tomorrow’s Crimes

by Chuck Anderson, Joel Ewy, Maquel A. Jacob, Richard E.D. Jones, Philip Kosnett, Sonia Orin Lyris, M. E. Owen, Brian Scott Pauls, Kristine Smith, Tami Veldura, Blaze Ward

The future will not always be shining and bright. Crime will be there. What form will it take?
"Tomorrow's Crimes"looks at what the mystery genre will be like when the sky and the stars are the limit.
Fourteen stories, including "The Blood-Red Leaves of Autumn" by Annie Reed, as originally seen in Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem Issue 9 and the 2024 Year's Best Mysteries.
Come see what tomorrow will bring.
Publisher: Knotted Road Press

About the Authors

Chuck Anderson

Raised on fantasy novels and 80s pop culture, Charles Eugene 'Chuck' Anderson brings extensive world-building and a sense of adventure. Chuck makes art, gaming, or runs when not writing. He lives in Aurora, Colorado.

Joel Ewy

Joel Ewy is centrally located for your convenience, has a wife and two kids, and took the Liberal Arts concept way more seriously than it was probably ever intended to be. He's a digital philosopher, and also fixes computers, sometimes for pay.

He's just irresponsible enough to start spending a little less time doing that and more time writing, and making weird, anachronistic computer-based art pieces. Joel has an extensive collection of classic computers from the late '70s to the early '90s and beyond, but he's still looking for that free Atari ST to fall out of the sky. Use your best faux German accent, or pretend you're Dr. Strangelove when you say his last name, and you might get it right. (Hint: Ay-Vee)

You can also find him in the Alternative Truths Anthology.

Maquel A. Jacob

Maquel A. Jacob writes gender shifter social science fiction that taps into how we define ourselves as a species. The theme is well defined in the new six book series Curve of Humanity. She also writes in other veins of Sci Fi like her space opera The Core Trilogy, class warfare within a vampire society in Blood Doctrine, and touches the dark side in her collection of horror shorts, Welcome Despair. You can find out more at her work on her website, as well as Facebook, Goodreads, and other places.

All of Maquel A. Jacobs's books are available in eBook and print through a variety of online vendors such as Amazon, Draft2Digital, and others. She loves honest feedback regarding her works and gets ecstatic about meeting fans at book signings and conventions.

Find more information at her website:

Maquel A. Jacob on Facebooka and Goodreads

Tumblr and Twitter @MaquelAJ1

MAJart Works on Instagram


Richard E.D. Jones

Richard Ed. Jones is the author of the ferocious, fast and funny A Dude’s Guide to Babies: The New Dad’s Playbook, an Amazon bestseller in child rearing. In addition to helping first-time fathers laugh their way through learning how to care for their children, Richard also is a prolific writer of short fiction. Mostly he writes what he says he sees. Though, considering that he’s mostly writing fantasy, urban fantasy and science-fiction, there’s some doubt that he’s being anything near honest about what he sees.

Richard currently is hard at work on expanding his award-winning short story for middle-grade readers, The Mismatched Monster, into a novel. He frequently writers in the CurseWerks universe, chronicling the trials, tribulations and tintinnabulations of those who fight back against mad science, mad sorcery and vampire wiener dogs. Richard is not renowned for his ability to avoid bad humor and worse puns. His short fiction is available on ( For more information, to register complaints, to say hello, or debate whether white chocolate is really chocolate (it is), stop by Richard’s website at .

Philip Kosnett

Philip Kosnett represented the United States in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia as a career State Department diplomat focusing on security cooperation and post-conflict governance, rising to the position of Ambassador. Kosnett attributes his decision to pursue a career in diplomacy in part to his youthful love of science fiction – diplomats and the SF community sharing a passion to build a better future.
Since leaving federal service in 2021, Kosnett has taken on roles in consulting, commentary, policy analysis, education, and humanitarian action.  He is editor of the book Boots and Suits: Historical Cases and Contemporary Lessons in Military Diplomacy (Marine Corps University Press, 2023) and is at work on an historical novel and a non-fiction study of diplomacy. He has also re-embraced his first calling, from student days, as a designer of historical and science fiction boardgames. Kosnett’s work for Boundary Shock Quarterly is his first published science fiction in prose form.
Kosnett and his wife Alison, and their adopted Kosovo street dog, divide their time between the city of Atlanta and the North Carolina mountains.

Sonia Orin Lyris

Sonia Orin Lyris writes stories readers can find in Asimov's SF magazine, Wizards of the Coast anthologies, and Uncle John's Bathroom Reader. She's the author of THE SEER, an epic fantasy novel from Baen Books.

Readers say her stories are gripping, unsparing, and timeless.

Her passions include martial arts, partner dance, saving the earth, and humanity--flaws and all.
Chocolate, too. The good stuff.
She likes to ask questions and offer answers, but not necessarily in that order. She speaks fluent cat.

M. E. Owen

M.E. Owen writes science fiction, fantasy and crime, often in the same story.

She lives on the wet side of Washington state, and when not writing, plays with honking big transportation geodatabases, occasionally kayaks and more occasionally throws knives (not all at once, but that would be cool).

Her short work has also appeared in Abyss & Apex, Fireside Fiction, Fiction River, Flash Fiction Online, and elsewhere. Her debut novel, Survival Instincts, a science fiction noir, is scheduled for publication in 2018. You can keep up with her at

Brian Scott Pauls

Brian Scott Pauls started reading science fiction with Elevator to the Moon by Stanley A. Widney and has never stopped. He lives in the Kansas City area with his wife, two daughters and an extremely fierce chihuahua-terrier mix.


You can follow Brian's writing in his newsletter:

The Cosmic Codex

Kristine Smith

Kristine Smith is the author of the Jani Kilian series and other science fiction and fantasy novels and short stories under her own name. As Alex Gordon, she has written the supernatural thrillers Gideon and Jericho. Her fiction has been nominated for the Locus Award for First Novel, Philip K. Dick Memorial Award and the IAFA William L. Crawford Fantasy Award, and she was the 2001 winner of the Astounding Award (formerly known as the John W. Campbell Award) for Best New Writer. Prior to becoming a full-time writer, she spent 26 years working in pharmaceutical product R&D. She was born in the Northeast, grew up in the South, and currently lives in the Midwest.

find more at:

Tami Veldura

Tami Veldura is an enby/aro/ace author of queer fiction. They have published short stories in anthologies Fresh Starts, Hauntings, Love Among The Thorns, Love Is Like A Box Of Chocolates, and they are a contributing member of the scifi magazine Boundary Shock Quarterly. They publish new work every month, crossing every genre, but always featuring queer characters and found families.

Blaze Ward

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Blaze Ward writes science fiction in the Alexandria Station universe (Jess... [ Read More ]

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