Welcome Page

This is the home page for Boundary Shock Quarterly. We are a Syndicate of over a dozen speculative fiction authors, putting out a quarterly magazine of science fiction stories all inspired around a single theme.

For regular news, I suggest you sign up for the newsletter (mostly because I don’t blog here much anymore). As a rule, those will come out a few weeks after each issue, as a reminder to people that the issue is out, and to teaser/preview the next issue.

Our future issue schedule looks like this:

  • 023 – Tramp Freighter Captains (Summer 2023)
  • 022 – Cyberpunks (Spring 2023)
  • 021 – Avast! (The Pirate Issue) (Winter 2023)
  • 020 – New Worlds, New Civilizations (Fall 2022)