This is the home page for Boundary Shock Quarterly. We are a Syndicate of over a dozen speculative fiction authors, putting out a quarterly magazine of stories all inspired around a single theme.

As we are in the process of launching, not everything is done, and there will be more stuff coming visible as we get it all done. For regular news, I suggest you sign up for the newsletter. As a rule, those will come out a few weeks after each issue, as a reminder to people that the issue is out, and to teaser/preview the next issue.

Our issue schedule looks like this:

  • 006 – Ray Guns and Space Babes (Spring 2019)
  • 005 – Boneyard of Lost Dreams (Winter 2019)
  • 004 – Robots, Androids, Cyborgs, Oh My (Fall 2018)
  • 003 – Grand Theft Starship (Summer 2018)
  • 002 – Tuesday After Next (Spring 2018)
  • 001 – Captain’s Log (Winter 2018)