Robots, Cyborgs, Androids, Oh My

So we have now completed Year One of Boundary Shock Quarterly, with the four issues now available at all major retailers.

All my authors have now gotten me their stories for issue 005 and I’m hard at work reading and organizing things. Boneyard of Lost Dreams will be out in January 2019, so watch this space for more news. And maybe now would be a good time for you to sign up for the newsletter ( so you don’t miss.

We’ll do a monthly newsletter, around the first. Cover reveals, Table of Contents, quick essays from the authors as to why they wrote the story they did or what exciting things are happening in their lives.

Remember to tell all your friends about Boundary Shock Quarterly, and it would be lovely if you could leave reviews at wherever you pick up your issue. We’re a small magazine, and doing this on royalty share, so your favorite author gets something from every issue sold.

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