Bruno Lombardi

Bruno Lombardi's shorts stories have been published in a wide assortment of anthologies and magazines, including Alternative Truths, With Iron And FireMore Alternative TruthsWeirdbook and Occult Detective Quarterly.

"Snake Oil," originally published by Daverana Enterprises, is Bruno's first novel. A second edition of "Snake Oil," by Martinus Publishing, is now available.

Bruno Lombardi was born in Montreal in 1968 and has had a rather distressing tendency to be a weirdness magnet for much of his adult life. If your friend's cousin's brother-in-law tells you a story and swears it's true and that it 'happened to someone he knows', it was probably Bruno.

He currently lives in Ottawa and works as a civil servant for the Canadian government. His hobbies include attempting to dissuade the cults that form around him, managing the betting pool on the next Weird Thing, and being a slave to his cat, Mynx.  Rumours that he secretly runs the Canadian government from his nuclear bunker with an android called 'Justin Trudeau' as a front have never been substantiated and are merely rumours. Honestly.

He has also met lots of people off the internet and has yet to be murdered by any of them; his cat, on the other hand, has other ideas.


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